Human Trafficking



There is no “one size fits all” for what a victim of human trafficking looks like. People who are trafficked are children, teenagers, and adults of all genders. They come from cities, suburbs, or rural areas. However, many people are deliberately preyed upon based on their vulnerabilities, and those who are most disadvantaged in our society are often the most common targets. Traffickers use the vulnerabilities of their victims to deceive them by “promising” things the victim may be longing for, such as making up false economic opportunities or providing false emotional support.

While human trafficking may seem like a problem too large to solve, there are steps we can all take to start making a change. Something we all can do is raise awareness of this societal issue and encourage others to join our efforts. While the resources below help raise awareness during January, it’s important to remember that we can always be working to prevent human trafficking by promoting equality and lifting up those who are in less privileged positions in society.